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Reconstructing Sarah (Secrets)

Early Monday morning Sarah made her way to her Urban Administrations class quite sluggishly. She entered taking her normal seat and then pulled out her things.  The professor was busy talking to a student. The other students took advantage of the professor’s delayed attention to talk about their midterm hopes. Despite all her work with Scott she was sure that her grade was deeply affected by her lack of commitment to her class. She had managed to succeed in her literature class with an A on her short story but this was different. Sarah was learning about things she didn’t care about.
“Nervous?” Scott took his seat next to her.
She returned from her thoughts to the world around her once again.
“I’m worried.” She admitted. “What if I didn’t get an A?”
She bit her bottom lip in order to feel pain. Just as the priest in the Scarlet Letter Sarah often found she needed to punish herself in order to find penance. Today was no different. She had defied her dad during the break, she moved into her mom’s house with partial permission and she was ignoring Irene’s pestering calls. If there were ever a time to beat herself it would be now.
Scott rested his hand on top of hers; she was then rewarded with a smile. “I am confident you did fantastic.”
“How can you be so confident?”
“Sarah you told me all the answers, you studied with me. I am even sure you did better than me.”
Just then the professor cleared his throat demanding the attention of the room. Everyone fell silent in unison. “Wondering what you all got on the midterm?” he smiled.

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The Choice

Lilly looked to the water one more time with heavy eyes. The sun’s refection shown brightly on the water’s surface, blinding her but she didn’t mind. This kind of pain, the kind that let her know she still had some life left in her, was welcoming. Instead of feeling the kind of pain she was used to dealing with since she was a little girl. Living with diabetes almost all of her life had ruined everything, including her kidneys.

She wasn’t a candidate for a transplant, and dialysis would only give her a limited amount of time, Lilly decided to give up. Percy, her best friend and love of her life, stood next to her, taking in her last moments with her.

She had enough of the pain her mother inflicted upon her, enough of the pain from her illness and just tired of not being able to have the things she wanted. Percy had come into her life too late, giving her the love she had desired and the friendship she needed.

She met Percy seven years ago when she started working for Waterman Corp. He had been the only one in Boston who would talk to her,and for a while he had been her only friend. They told each other everything, including his secret, he was a vampire. His bravery and trust gave her the strength to tell him she was terminal. Weeks had gone by after that, when he came to her one day wanting to explain his kind to her.He wanted a life with her, he wanted her to live. He explained his kind had to ask permission to change a mortal, and as far as she knew that took a while and time was something she didn’t have.

The sun dropped down behind the water’s edge turning the sky a radiant shade of orange. Lilly turned her head to look at Percy. Her body felt weaker by the second, her legs felt loose, and wobbly.

Walking out to the middle of the beach had taken some effort, each step felt as though she was sinking into the ground.

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Another story to get you along..

Before Simon turned his attention back to the stage he gave her a strange smile, as though he were harboring some kind of secret. Alison chose not to press him; she too focused her attention on the stage waiting for the next thing to occur.

He winked at her returning her chaste kiss on her cheek. Chad glared at the two of them. His jaw twitched under the pressure from clenching. Alison ignored him returning her attention to the show. She figured that was what she came for so she paid attention. Everything went smoothly like a well-planned show should. Until the show came to the Best Single of the Year award, she and Chad were nominated for this. That was part of the reason why she was here, the other was for Best Album, since she had her name all over Man of Mystery’s album but she didn’t have to go on stage for that one. Best Song however was made with the band but she and Chad wrote and performed it together. It really belonged on a soundtrack for some movie but Chad demanded the damn thing be on his band’s album. Gnawing on her bottom lip she waited. While they read the names of the nominees she played the damn song in her head. It was an annoying song now that she thought of it. A bit of a love song really. Not something normally found on an alternative rock groups album. Her voice was mediocre at best, even though Chad told her it was wonderful. She suddenly wished she had a disguise or better yet that she stayed in New York. Simon broke her out of her sulking by brushing his lips along her ear. “You won!” he breathed. Chad held his hand out for her to take it. The lights sparkled on his platinum wedding band. Her stomach churned. With zombie like grace she let him lead her up the stairs on to the stage. Both of them were hugged by some new artists named Lavender.

“I admire you Alison.” She whispered. “I’ll be in New York next week I’d love to meet with you.”

Alison smiled at the girl when she pulled back. It took everything in her to nod and not roll her eyes. She hated being picked up like a hooker. It took greater strength to smile at the cameras and floods or people below her. It took even more strength not to fidget with the hem of her dress, now that she felt a draft up her skirt.

“I’d like to thank my manger and lovely wife for all of their support.’ Chad began. “This lovely lady of course, she is truly a talented woman.” He cleared his throat and turned his head towards her taking her in with his brown eyes. “We would be nothing without the amazing song writing that you do for us. Alison has been with us since we started some ten years ago, and we owe her everything. This means a lot to both of us, and to Man of Mystery. Thank you from both of us.”

Alison’s cheeks burned fifty shades of red when he stepped back from the podium. Her biggest fear of public speaking began to take over. Her legs felt as though they were going to turn into jelly at any minute. Images of her lying on her face on the cover of a magazine flashed through her mind. She imagined she would see the covers while waiting in line at the grocery store. Everyone would recognize her and laugh. Suddenly her breath caught in her chest, she was going to faint. Then Chad’s hand found hers. He led her off the stage to the busy side stage. A woman dressed in a black ensemble took the statue from Alison’s hands. “Congratulations.” She beamed. Alison nodded. Chad continued leading her to the back of the stage to a small room lit up by lights with umbrellas behind them and swarms of people with cameras and recorders.

“Ready?” he breathed into her ear.

“Interview?” she panicked. Her fingers found each other and began their wringing torture.

“Ali, I’ll answer most of the questions like old times.” He winked at her.

She nodded then began to take a step when he pulled her back. Surprise didn’t even cover what she felt next. Chad’s lips pressed firmly against her mouth begging for entrance, while her hands pressed against his hard chest. When he let go of her he had the audacity to wink. “So glad to see you.” he panted pulling her into the room full of reporters.

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The plane ride to Los Angeles was to say ,the least, very eventful. Alison had successfully been puked on by a grown man with dark facial hair and a shiny head. Had her ear talked off by a man twice her age making her feel as though she was going to cry at any minute. Most importantly she remained calm, no matter how much her fingers itched to make a phone call to her agent so she could cuss him out, she remained calm. And then she landed. To say that she hated being in Los Angeles was an understatement. These days the only cause her to leave her home in New York was for the Grammy’s. Other than spending a good five year chunk of her career in Los Angeles Alison never came here.

She grabbed her lonely carryon bag from the overhead compartment and wiggled her way between the aisles and chairs of the plane. If she hadn’t been so stubborn and waited until the last minute she could have gotten a first class ticket, thank very much agent Dick! She closed her eyes she wouldn’t get mad at him there wasn’t any reason for it, he didn’t do this to her. The slick floors below her made her feel dirty as she walked to the escalators to the pickup area. Down below her were swarms of paparazzi with their cameras at the ready watching people move in a path of their destination. Alison rolled her eyes. She hated LA!

Walking towards the glass windows leading her to the outside world she noticed a man wearing a suit and dark sunglasses holding a sign up with what looked like her last name. So she turned her head angling it so she could see it better. Alison Sawyer, she read. Reluctantly, because she thought it was a joke, she wheeled her luggage behind her to heading towards the sign. She smiled shyly at the man in the suit showing him her driver’s license.  He smirked then tilted his head towards a black tinted Town Car parked behind him. He took her luggage out of her hand, noting her soiled clothing then opened the back door for her. At first she thought about peering inside to make sure she wasn’t going to be bombarded by silly string or whatever her friends would throw at her, but she didn’t talk to anyone anymore. Not since she left. Alas sitting in the corner on the other side was her friend Simon.  He remained friends with her through the best and the worst of times. Even during her dark times he remained vigilant.

“Hurry up and get in before the paps see me.” He snapped.


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A little something I’m working on

A new post on my other other blog..girlwriter. This is a story I’m working on about a girl who was left at the alter and decided to go on her honeymoon…alone. here is a little sample hope you enjoy!! 

Chapter Two: Along Came Harry…

After walking what felt like three miles, Kate found herself in the heart a small town, and best of all she found herself staring at a pub. She pulled her jacket tighter around her and lifted one of her heavy rubber boots in front of the other. In a few short minutes she made it to door. Inside there was a mix of people, none of whom stopped talking or looked up when she walked in. The inside heat smacked her like a soggy washcloth, but she relished in it. Taking her jacket off she made her way to the dark cherry bar. The barstool looked overly steady for her small frame.  The mirror behind the pub was clear and gleaming from the dim lights above. Glasses sitting upside down along the back of the pub just underneath the bottles of liquor were so spotless and clean. Each bottle was clean, free of any dust or even finger smudges.
The bartender at the other end of the pub noticed her just as she noticed him. He waved to her to hold one moment, so she sat back continuing to look around. The room was large and round filled with square dark wooden tables, velvety red booths lining along the walls.
“What can I get you?” the bartender asked in a soft British accent.
Kate turned her attention away from the fifties jukebox. “Um I’ll take a pint of lager.”
He turned gathering a short fat shiny glass, held it underneath a spout all the while keeping his eyes on Kate.
“What part of the States are you from?” he asked setting her lager in front of her.
She resisted the urge to reach out and chug it, knowing it was best to let it breath for a minute before diving in.
“Boston.” She smiled.
He nodded. “Boston is nice.”
“Are you from Surrey or a different part of England?” 
He leaned back against the counter behind the pub. His image looked dark and menacing against the panes of glass behind him. With his arms crossed along his chest he looked at her directly as though he could see where she was hiding her soul.
“I’m from London.” He looked to his right waving his hand at a man wearing a white and red jersey making his way out of the pub.
She nodded trying to keep herself from staring at him. He was tall and lean, with toned arms. Even covered by his long sleeve black shirt she could see the curves and lines of his muscles. It made her swallow hard. As did his dark brown eyes, and red lips. Along with his creamy colored skin and dark brown hair she was had to cross her legs to keep herself from jumping off her seat.
She then took a demure sip of her lager.
“How long are you visiting?”
She shook her head from the rush of the lager. “I’m here for the next two months.”
“So what brought you here?”
“Alcohol.” She raised her beer.
To her surprise he laughed, and he sounded amazing. His laugh was deep and seductive, though she was sure he wasn’t meaning it that way.
“I mean why are you visiting in Surrey and not London, most people visit London.”
She bit her lip not knowing how to answer that. The one thing she wanted to accomplish during her stay was not to get pity looks she was sure she would have endured at home.
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For a while now I have been thinking of entering a writing contest. One of the biggest problems I have is I am not sure if I have the right amount of confidence to do so. So I need help, what story should I submit. One from this blog. Any ideas please let me know. Any words of encouragement will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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Water Elemental

Back from the holidays. I had a dream of a great fantasy story, here is a bit that I hope you enjoy!! Here is a taste to read more hop over to my blog at the address below.

Slowly the sun crept over the horizon breaking the night. Stars blinked one more time before finally fading into the bright glowing iridescent blue the citizens of Auraria had grown up with. To the far east the wind started picking up, nothing out of the normal since the dawn brought slight wind at times. To the west brought some light rain, a little out of season but nothing to worry about.

The dark grey castle stood powerful and regal near the back of the village pressed against the stony mountain side. Emerald green grass stretched out around it and spreading out through the village, even stretched passed the grey wall protecting the villagers and into the enchanted Nula forest.

As always the villages went to work early on the farms, weeding gardens and tending to the animals. Curly cream colored sheep with black noses and long haired caramel cows, the pigs were as big as the cows but dark pink with big smiling faces. The village of Auraria adored the pig and all that it offered the people. In fact they treated their pigs as good as the king treated the village. Each pig rested in a lovely wooden pig pen with a small pig house nestled near the back. Their pens were cleaned out each day, and their food replenished three times a day. The villagers felt that a happy pig gave only the best meats.

Raven, the king’s daughter, woke with a start. Her dressing maid shook her viciously in order to rouse her from sleep. She opened one eye tentatively since the dressing maid, Hannah, was notorious for opening the drapes letting the sun’s rays pour through the windows. Hannah smiled as though she had won a tremendous battle once Raven sat up in her bed.